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10/06/01 - Posted by Chris
Not much but i got a pretty good mod from Zamstrom (Dan Ickler) and posted it today. I brushed up on some of the links also since a lot of sites have closed or been forced to close like nbci sites.

10/03/01 - Posted by Chris
I got up 3 suicides, and more coming :), they include one to the toe,one between the legs, and one on the door knob (25 consecutive minutes to hit this one). We got some flash!!!, i made the flash above^ and Matt got the sound to loop and swoop and ladi da...

9/25/01 - Posted by Chris
I got a whip up called End Whip, its based on the trick i think/thought was called the end. I will have some suicides i found up soon...

9/15/01 - Posted by Matt
Last night I finally learned how to do Darth Vader, so today I spent some time and made instructions for you all. I don't want to call it an illustration, because I did not draw the images, I took pictures with my cam. They turned out better than i could have drawn anyway, and it was much quicker.
They can be found in the tricks section.

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